About Us

Dedicated to Improving Lives

Exceptional Wellness consists of a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to improving the lives of the people we serve.  We ensure a safe environment that focuses on the needs of our customers.

We strive to meet the needs of the whole person.  To do this we offer a variety of services.  From counseling, family and community services, assessments, training, yoga, meditation and more.  We are here to help.

We offer an inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Our office is a calming place where our customers are able to relax and recharge.

Most of our services are covered by insurance.  However, some services such as yoga are not covered.  Please call our office for details or if you have any questions:  561-852-0910

We are located in Boca Raton, Florida in the Mindful Medical Center.  

Exceptional Wellness is a division of Exceptional Services Group, LLC.
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