There are many benefits to taking a private yoga lesson.  Unlike a regular yoga class, in a private yoga class you work one-on-one with an experienced instructor.  Most yoga studios are packed with seasoned yogis.  Many people looking to begin a yoga practice may feel out of place in a group class.  A private yoga class is great for beginners or anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in a group setting.

Private Yoga instruction is individualized.  As a result, the instructor can help the client make and attain specific goals with therapeutic benefits.  In a private lesson you have the ability to focus on personal interests, concerns and goals.  Special needs experts agree that yoga activities make a positive impact on individuals with special needs.  These activities improve mobility, strength, and digestion.

Since private yoga classes offer individualized instruction, the possibility of injury is decreased.  Your private yoga instructor can modify the poses to best suit your ability or to accommodate injuries or disabilities.  A private yoga instructor can also prepare a lesson plan for you to use at home.

At Exceptional Wellness our private yoga classes range from $30 – $60 per session depending on the location and length of class.   Exceptional Wellness offers private yoga classes via telehealth or in person.

If you have a small group of individuals with developmental disabilities or other special needs we also offer group classes for $65 – $75 per session.  Please contact our office for more details at 561-852-0910.