Many individuals struggle with the issue of a quick rise to anger or a short temper.  Exceptional Wellness therapists work with individuals on building strategies that will help them better manage these situations.

Realizing that it is very difficult to change the behavior and actions of others is a key component to change in ourselves.  It is much easier for us to change the way we respond to a situation, rather than convincing the other individual that they are incorrect in their views.

You may often hear, or say yourself:  I’ve told him a thousand times; every time we get together it ends up in an argument; why does he/she always have to push my buttons? Individuals fall into their “expected” roles, which leads to “expected” results.  You may be surprised how acting the complete opposite in each situation may completely alter the result.  Instead of yelling, speak very low.  Instead of giving orders, ask them what they think is the best solution.  These small changes can make a tremendous difference.

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” – Ambrose Bierce

A great resource to utilize during an argument is time.  Stepping away and thinking about the situation for a moment, and possible solutions is a much better strategy than rushing into an argument.  When you find yourself yelling or with a raised voice, the situation has already gotten out of your control.  Taking those short moments to decide the best calm alternative can make a world of difference in how the disagreement is ultimately resolved.

Calm breathing (taking 5 slow and deep breaths from the diaphragm), focusing on positive thoughts, and progressive muscle relaxation are additional options to reduce stress and anger.

Exceptional Wellness provides trained and licensed therapists that work with individuals to develop strategies to reduce and manage anger.  Don’t let old habits continue to impact your future.