Dance is not only a lot of fun, it has many therapeutic benefits for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  Dance is an excellent form of physical exercise.  The music played in a session has a positive effect on the participant’s mood, feelings of well-being, and emotions.  Plus, when you pair music and movement together magic happens: there is an automatic increase and release of endorphins.

Therapeutic dance is a wonderful way to express emotions, especially when they are not easy to communicate or verbalize.  In a therapeutic dance class, participants who have mobility and limited mobility can express their feelings through their abilities.  Expression through movement causes stress to dissolve.  It increases self-esteem, and social and communication skills in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Dance also allows the mind to become more creative and enhances imagination.

Therapeutic dance is vital for the mind, however, it also impacts individuals physical fitness.  When the dancers connect big and small movements with their breath, they build strength, coordination, and flexibility and prevent future injuries.  In addition, when working on strengthening muscles and coordination, the more they develop their gross motor skills.

We now offer therapeutic dance classes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Please contact our office for more details at 561-852-0910 or contact