At Exceptional Services we believe dance is for everyone! We provide private and small group therapeutic dance classes in our Boca Raton Wellness Center. We can also come to you in person or virtually.

We offer a fun and safe environment for individuals to build self-esteem and confidence. In addition, dance enhances gross motor skills, flexibility, and strength. Dance is a positive outlet for creativity and imagination.

Dance is also a form of somatic therapy. We use it as a healing modality to enrich our experiences in the world. Our classes are taught by skilled and certified instructors who understand the importance of the Mind-Body connection, giving us the experience of being whole – fully present, active and aware. 

Classes include hip hop, jazz, ballet, Zumba, and improv. 

We now offer therapeutic dance classes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


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Dance for Groups or Individuals

We can do in person and virtual dance classes either in our studio or at your location.  All classes are tailored specifically for your individual or group needs.


  •  Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Hip Hop
  • Zumba
  • Improv

    Dance for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    Our dance teachers are experienced in teaching dance to students with developmental and intellectual disabilites. Our program supports development and a positive sense of self in a gentle, safe and FUN environment.  Benefits include increased attention, focus and concentration, self-esteem building and confidence.


    Common Benefits

    Every individual  is different. However, there are some common benefits from dance that most people experience:  *Enhanced Motor Skills, Physical Fitness, and Creativity *Improved Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Focus * Weight Management * Improved Immune Functions * Improved Symptoms of Anxiety, Stress and PTSD * Enhanced Mind-Body Connection


    More Services


    At Exceptional Wellness we understand that all people struggle at times and our caring and professional staff can help those struggling with many different life issues.

    Developmental Disabilities

    Exceptional Wellness provides board certified therapists to work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.